Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association

Negotiating the World of Sound Design

The following is an ever-growing list of resources

for those working in sound design and composition. 

All documents are living and ever subject to change.


USITT/TSDCA Sound Documentation Recommended Practice

This document presents a recommended practice for sound system documentation. It is not a comprehensive collection of graphic symbols, terms, and necessary paperwork, but is a flexible framework of document forms and practices for practical communication. The information which designers and engineers must communicate can be represented in many forms; this document will identify and describe several of the most common. N


Assistant Designer Resources

Definitions, Duties, Hourly Wage Calculator, Expense Calculator, Contract Riders, etc.


Making Music for Theater

Production Logistics & Building A Creative Team


Contracts, Lawyers, etc.

Sample Sound Design Contract, Glossary of Terms, Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, Sample Inclusion Riders.


Manufacturer & Vendor Documentation & Training Resources

Our newest page – more to come!


Audio Drama, Post, and Remote Collaboration:

Click above for links to trainings and information about everything from streaming to remote recording.


Music Theory

An aggregated list of sources of music theory from around the world.  This list is incomplete and very much in process! Email us suggestions!


Recommended Links for Teachers

A list of resources from the TSDCA Education Committee


Associations and Resources Across the Industry of Sound and Music


Please CLICK HERE for Resources if you are being Harassed and for Anti-Racism Resources and Trainings.


Mental Health Resources


Links to Diverse Theatre Artists include:


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For Students

Join the Student Sound Designer Connection Facebook group HERE!

Anyone can join upon answering a few questions. Activities have included facebook live interviews with working professionals across the country. Check out the video library once you join the group! In the summer of 2020 students participated in the first-ever Creative Challenge.

We welcome students of all ages, skill sets, backgrounds, interests, and experiences. 

This group was launched in the spring of 2020 in response to the Covid-19 crisis and the desire to create an online community for students.


Creative Challenges

In August of 2020 we launched the first Creative Challenge for students. TSDCA members mentored students over a two-week process, and the work presented was inspirational!!

On September 22nd, 2020, the second Creative Challenge was launched, with the participation of students and teachers from UCLA, Michigan Tech, Texas Tech, and others.  This version of the challenge was focused on team projects.



There are some interviews and training videos available to non-members on our website. Check out conversations with G. Clausen, Palmer Hefferan, Pornchanok Kanchanabanca, Audio Podcast summit panels,  and the video from the last student challenge. Click here!



There are so many ways to become successful in this field! You can apprentice to someone more experienced, work in a sound shop, join an audio crew to learn basics and meet people – everyone’s path is different.

Educational options include:




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