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In August of 2020, Adam Neely published a video Music Theory and White Supremacy.

Phillip Ewell, currently a professor at Hunter College in NYC, was interviewed for the piece. He has written several blog posts about the White Racial Frame of Music Theory.

This page is being developed in response: we wish to gather various music theories from across the globe to educate, inspire, and help us dissect the music we love. It is in no way comprehensive – this is only a start. Please use the Contact Form if you have resources to add!!

Indian Classical Music


Jazz Theory

Classes with the Barry Harris. There are quite a lot of wonderful videos of this legend – this is another favorite  – discover the ‘and.

George Russell – exploring horizontal and vertical tonality, as well as the Lydian scale.


The Iraqi Maqam

Amir ElSaffar taught a series of classes at Altan in NYC  on the Maqam:  LEARN MORE HERE.   In his explorations with his group Two Rivers Ensemble he often explores how rasts intersect with jazz. Here he explores the Maqam Rast on the santur.


Schenkerian Analysis

(but maybe we should start with Species Counterpoint)? As taught by Jacob Gran.