Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association

New Memberships

For new membership dues, first apply for a membership.  After approval, the membership committee will send a link to set up your membership account online.

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Renew Your Membership

Each year, you will be sent an email with a renewal link to renew your membership, or you can log in to the Neon Billing portal.

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If you’ve never renewed before:

When you receive your renewal notice from TSDCA and are sent to the Neon membership page, if you have never logged in to Neon before, please do not sign in with Facebook, or you will be re-charged an initiation fee. Create a new password with your login. Although the professional membership title may have two monetary amounts, you should only be charged for the membership and not the fee.

If you’ve renewed in previous years:

If you set up Facebook login in Neon while renewing your TSDCA membership in previous years, your Facebook account is linked to your correct TSDCA account and you can use Facebook to log in again.

If you would like to be considered for Emeritus Membership:

Please email your request to the TSDCA Co-Secretaries at Please include a photo or scan of your driver’s license or any other proof that you have reached the age of 65. This is only available to Sound Designers with one year of Professional membership.


If you have any questions during the membership application or renewal process, please contact the membership committee.

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