There are two Co-Chairs for each committee and are all volunteer. The Executive Board approves all decisions made by each of the committees. All actions are in support of our Mission Statement.



This committee’s responsibility includes recruitment of new members, vetting applicants for membership, and maintaining communication between members.

Equity Diversity & Inclusion

This committee address all concerns of building union within our organization by creating educational opportunities and maintaining outreach with the community at large.


This committee, working with outside organizations and businesses, supervises and regulates the continuing advanced education for Professional Members and the ongoing learning of the Early Career Members.


This committee sees to the communication, networking, and collaboration between the different levels of membership.

Work Practices

This committee develops methods for articulating problems and solutions surrounding the way music and sound processes are conceived, contracted, budgeted, and presented.


This committee advocates and promotes of the art of sound design and maintains partnerships with other organizations, such as USA829, AFM, LORT, USITT, etc.


This committee is manages and regulates all public relations, announcements, website and media detail, including social media.


This committee generates and curates networking, education, and social events – coordinating with and promoting third party events.

Development & Finance

This committee solicits corporate sponsorships, accounting, and oversees all financial matters.

Parliamentary/Legal Procedures

This committee sets and manages goals for the organization and aids with the updates to the legislature of procedure.