Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association

Introducing the First Annual TSDCA Student Solo or Team Challenge!

Create and share work with your fellow Facebook members!

Below are a few visual items for inspiration for teams, or instructions for solo challenge responses. We’ll have a couple of weeks to work on the projects, and then come together and share what we have created on Thursday, August 13th. We can’t wait to hear your work!

hosted by the TSDCA Student Sound Designer Connection Facebook Page, August 2020

Eligible Participants: Current Students, or Early Career Sound designers in the field for no more than three years.

Collection of Links & Notes from Check-ins here!


  • Thursday, July 30th 8pm EDT
    • Welcome – Facebook Live session,
    • Sign-up opens HERE
  • Tuesday, August 4th – Included: Details on Deliverables 
  • Thursday, August 6th, 1 pm – 2:30pm EDT
    • Zoom Check-in 3-  complete
  • Tuesday, August 11th, 8 pm – 9:30pm  EDT – Included: Help with Rendering/Bouncing tracks
    • Zoom Check-in 4 – complete
  • Wednesday, August 12th
    • 8 pm – 9:30 pm EDT Last Minute Zoom Check-in 5 – Register here
    • Last minute sign up open till 11:59EDT
    • 11:59 EDT Projects Due – Upload HERE
  • Thursday, August 13th 8PM EDT Project Presentations on Zoom!  Everyone! Register here!     ….With Audio Movers for Sound

Sign up HERE! Join us.

  • You can create teams with your fellow Facebook group members
  • You can work solo
  • You can do both if you wish!
  • Develop an audio-driven response to the prompts outlined below!! We want a variety! Be imaginative!
  • TSDCA mentors are available at the Check-in times above. We can help you with artistic and technical questions. Come meet us! And hang out with your fellow sound designers.

Team Competition Rules:

  • In this google drive you will find a folder of video and art.
  • You could be inspired by one of the pieces of art.
  • You may be inspired by one of the videos provided.
  • You could score the video if you wish, but you could also respond exclusively aurally.

Solo Challenge Options:

  • Record your own sample (8sec max) and build a piece out of only that sound.
  • Create a piece from recordings done only on your phone
  • Create a piece using only household objects from one room. Please include a picture of the room in your submission!

Final Product:

  • An Audio or Video file uploaded HERE
  • We want you to submit in the highest quality audio file format available to you.
    • Our recommended format is 48Khz, 24 bit wav. Please come to a checkin with any and all questions about this.
    • For video files, .mov or .mp4 is fine. Please also submit your bounced audio file separately.
    • If you are worried about size of files, submitting a pdf with links to your files would be great.
  • At a group sharing session, we will all listen to 90 seconds of the final product, although your piece can be longer. When you submit your file, if you would like a certain 90-second snippet to be played please submit it as a separate file!
  • Include a brief description of your creative process – inspirational moments etc.
  • If the team agrees, TSDCA may showcase the final project at with credit given to team members. We also respectfully request permission to use this piece in our upcoming TSDCA podcast. We will assume permission is granted unless we hear otherwise from the team.
  • If you use copyrighted material we cannot legally promote your work. Learn more here: public domain, creative commons, mechanical license issues. Click  Circular 1 Copyright Basics for more detail on copyright and publication.
  • If you choose to use vocal recordings, they must be members of the Facebook group or your own teammates.
  • All are encouraged to create something new for this challenge – ie, not recycle previously composed soundscapes or works.
  • We reserve the right not to present a project that violates our code of conduct.
  • As always, TSDCA’s mission is here,  our Code of Conduct is this and our Community Agreements are HERE.
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