Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association

as of 8/10/20

Developed for Zoom/online meetings

Welcome! TSDCA Community Agreements

for Meetings/Discussions


Take Space, Make Space. If you are usually quiet, challenge yourself to take more space. If you usually talk a lot, please be mindful to leave room for quieter voices. Take your space, and make space for others.  

  • Diversity makes us stronger; we would love to hear from everyone.
  • We will all work to co-create space for everyone to contribute.
  • When you finish speaking, clearly cede the floor.
  • Use “I” statements rather than generalizations. Please only speak for yourself, and assume others do the same.
  • Don’t put others on the spot to speak of their experiences or for the experiences of an entire demographic or group.
  • People will share when they feel safe to do so. Don’t expect everyone will speak. Silence is not validation. 
  • The door is always open to discussion. If you don’t feel safe raising the point now, we can always broach these topics in another forum. You can always email TSDCA at and we will work with you to continue the discussion.
  • Understand that intent is different than impact. Even with good intentions, there may be unintended consequences.

We will all make mistakes. Let us learn from them, and be patient and forgiving of each other.

Avoid Crosstalk.

  • The Moderator will explain how questions will be received – raise hand on screen, within zoom, etc.
  • Mute yourself until called upon by the Moderator.
  • When a topic/idea is introduced, the Moderator will facilitate discussion on that point as time allows.
  • The Moderator may break the queue order if a person who has not contributed yet raises their hand.
  • Be concise. Writing out your thoughts ahead of time can help.
  • The Chat: great for affirming a point (thumbs up), asking fellow participants for clarification, or posting a doc. 
  • Respect that for some the chat is the only way they comfortably contribute to the conversation.
  • The Chat Moderator/Host will confirm how the chat will be used for each meeting and will moderate that conversation.

If you are not comfortable bringing up your concerns publically, please feel free to privately message the Chat Moderator at any time during the webinar. They are willing to add your content for you. Click participants, click the person labeled “Chat Mod” and it sets you up to privately message them. If this is not indicated, please message the “Host” and ask who is moderating the chat.

Private Chat is a tool to address one person without distracting the group. Know that the moderator can access private chats after the meeting.


We will be fully present with each other and resist the urge to multi-task. 

However – of course, you are free to step away as needed.  When you return, if you have a question, write it in the chat to see if it has been covered.


Some sessions are recorded and will be available on the member’s side of the website.

The session will start 5 minutes after the hour. Have a great meeting!

This is a living document and ever-changing. Email if you have comments.

Many thanks to all the TSDCA members who contributed to this document.