as of 6/21/20

Developed for Zoom/online meetings

Take Space, Make Space. 

    • We will co-create space for everyone to contribute.
    • Breathe before you speak. 
    • Be aware and acknowledge others contributing in the chat and elsewhere
    • We will only call on people to speak or contribute to the discussion with a specific question
    • People will share when they feel safe to do so. Don’t expect they will speak. Let’s not assume silence is validation.


We recognize intent is different than impact.

We will all make mistakes. Let us be patient and forgiving of each other.

Avoid Crosstalk.

    • Please put all questions for the presenters in the chat.
    • In the Q&A section, you can use the raise and lower hand function in Zoom to ask to speak.
    • In a session, mute yourself until called upon.
    • The chat is also part of the conversation. Feel free to type in the chat, where others may know the answer to your question.
    • The Private Chat is a tool to address one person without distracting the group. Know that the moderator can access private chats after the meeting.
    • These sessions are being recorded and will be available on the website.
    • The moderator will help facilitate conversation – be respectful of the difficulty of this task! Help when you can!
    • We will be fully present with each other and resist the urge to multi-task.  However – of course you are free to step away as needed. When you return, if you have a question, write it in the chat to see if it has been covered.

Have a great meeting!


This is a living document and ever-changing. Email if you have comments.