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Quick Run Down/Up Date for the Student Creative Challenge – Fall 2020!

Take a listen to some of the results from the previous TSDCA Creative Challenge:


Check-ins are Fun!!

Prior check-ins have included….

  • Jess Paz dropped by to talk about how Ani DiFranco mics her guitar
  • Leon Rothenberg shared how Burt Bacharach’s “guy” – Phil Ramone!-  mics a snare
  • Erin Heilveil shared her embroidery of a Cadac console!
  • The uses of SM57s in Cuba were considered
  • Richard Ingraham zoomed in from a tech in an empty theater!
  • ….this is also a networking opportunity!

Links so far:

Various software was discussed, including ProTools First, Max MSP, and Reaper.

Recording Studio – DAW apps

Iphone options:

Notation software

Worldizing – courtesy Brendan Doyle

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