A brief summation of the topics discussed at Executive Board Meetings. If you would like to view the more detailed minutes, please email the Secretaries at info@tsdca.org.

Exec Board Meeting – May 28th, 2020
Exec Board Meeting – May 21st, 2020
Exec Board Meeting – May 15th, 2020
Exec Board Meeting – May 8th, 2020


For a list of board members – click here; and scroll down past the Mission Statement.

Next Meeting: June 4th, 2020


Exec Board Meeting – May 28th, 2020

  • Annual Meeting:
    • Creative Prompt in progress! Draft presented.
    • International presenter sessions and Build Your Team for a Musical scheduled. Trying to schedule the rest this coming week.
    • Decision not to use Whova this year for the Annual meeting as we will be online and not in person
  • Bylaws revision approved by the board – to be sent to membership for vote shortly. Goal of revisions is to increase the efficacy of committees, working groups and councils within the Executive Board.
  • We will be reaching out to Members to find volunteers to help with the newsletter, weekly zooms, and support during the annual meeting. Decision to try and keep the newsletters weekly due to member feedback.
  • Member Sound Effect sharing post approved for next week’s newsletter
  • New Presentations/Meetups being planned include:
    • Regional sound supervisors, production audio – planned by Ken Goodwin, Lindsay Jones, with LDI. details tba.
    • A1 conversation with Alex Neumann and Liz Coleman


Exec Board Meeting – May 21st, 2020

  • Annual Meeting: in progress. Creative Prompt and general structure to be discussed in public meetings the week of May 25th.
  • New Presentations/Meetups being planned include:
    • Composer Salon starting in early June – led by Michael Roth
    • Moving forward with podcast idea presented by Josh Samuels
    • Game Night developed by Aaron Harris Woodstein!
  •  Website
    • Board approved funds for easing navigation from link to sign-in to page desired, video table of contents and anchor navigation
    • in progress: addition of Member Cheatsheet, Videos from Student Facebook LIVE presentations.
    • Next Communications Committee Meeting to discuss additional pages including Guidelines
  • Discussion of TSDCA structure – formulated the following. This will be part of an amendment to the bylaws which will be up for vote this year.
    • A committee has co-chairs. Any member can join.
    • Working group: Task oriented group formed by either a committee or the Exec Board. No co-chairs. Under the umbrella of a committee. Working group’s members do not need to be members of the parent committee.
    • Executive Board has councils for various functions. Members outside the Exec Board can be on the councils. Councils include but are not limited to the following: Bylaws; Nominating; Finance – led by Treasurer; Development; and Outreach.

Exec Board Meeting – May 15th, 2020

  • JessPaz presented some amazing pie charts with the results of her member survey; her data analysis demonstrated we are successful developing community, organizing meetups and opportunities. We need to work on our EDI efforts (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion), regional presence and we definitely hear members’ concerns about contract negotiations. Much food for thought; thanks to all who participated.
  • Much discussions about committee structure. Many thanks to the Committee Review Working Group, including members of the board Rob Milburn, Shannon O’Neill, Jane Shaw and Katharine Horowitz, as well as David Budries and Becca Stoll. Recommendations included:
    • Smaller focussed working groups seem more effective than large unwieldy committees.
    • Search out leadership in the membership with help from the Nominating committee & incoming applications for membership
    • Allow committees to choose that the Exec Board appoint chairs with advice from the committees. This will be brought to the membership for a vote as it is a change to the TSDCA Bylaws.
  • Two member initiatives presented.
    • Microloans to members. Rejected on the grounds we do not have the structure or funds to support these.
    • Podcast/creative project working with theaters…and a desire to see designers working in teams. Accepted in part….still need to determine structure. Next step: Creative prompt for annual meeting discussion. Jane Shaw will doodle membership in newsletter.
  • Accepted Proposal from Membership for June 2020 Membership drive. One free year upon person accepting offer. Collecting names by May 31st.
  • Note: Bylaws are now available for both the public and TSDCA members here; scroll to the bottom.


Exec Board Meeting – May 8th, 2020

  • Decided: Online Annual Meeting this year via Zoom
  • Presenters at the Annual meeting will be paid as they have been in past years ($200)
  • Exploring possibility of Abe Jacob presenting with Nevin Steinberg on the ‘teams for musicals’ panel
  • Presentation of TSDCA Membership choices for panels – leaders were system design and Guerrilla audio.
  • Discussion of need for a creative fun prompt.
  • Discussion of need for community unstructured gathering; decided each seminar would be preceded by a 30minute ‘coffee’ break.