Salon – Members Share Original Work – led by Michael Roth


2 hours

As an outgrowth of the TSDCA music theory classes….

…..including the enthusiastic discussions about composing and sound design that developed after the class

…..and the opportunity presented for members to compose and develop new pieces and ideas for themselves

TSDCA will start a weekly Salon series to encourage members to continue the discussion and keep composing, creating and developing new work exploring harmony, notation, counterpoint, sound composition etc. All topics welcome.  

Michael Roth will lead a three week trial run before our annual meeting, every Wednesday for two hours starting June 3rd.  We’ll be concentrating on but not limiting the work presented to pieces that can be notation based (Finale, Sibelius, MuseScore, by hand…etc). 

All are welcome – and all will be encouraged to compose, developing their own language, creating etudes, works-in-progress that explore ideas that are not necessarily composed for theatre production, rather to develop your own work,.

You do not need to bring music – you can come to listen and respond. 


First class is Wednesday, June 3, 10AM Pacific, 1PM Eastern – all who signed up for theory classes will automatically be signed up for the salons – and everyone else is welcome to sign up and join us.