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Non-members: $60/day.

All day Every Day: Computer available with our website so you can explore.
All sessions will be streamed on TSDCA Facebook Live.

Venue Address:
Baryshnikov Arts Center
450 W 37th St #501
New York, NY 10018

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Saturday, June 2nd

5pm -8pm
Mentorship Meet-Up (members-only)
An equal access opportunity for sound designers and composers from all experience levels to meet.


Sunday, June 3rd  

Welcome Reception (with snacks)

Introduction to TSDCA

Session #1 – Collaboration in the Theater
Panel Guests: David Cromer and Fitz Patton

Coffee & Snack Break

Session #2 – Equity-Diversity-Inclusion

2:30pm – 3:30pm
Lunch Break

Standard Practice Lunch Discussion with Rob Milburn, Daniel Kluger, and David Budries.

– Relationships with Producers
– Open ended conversation about Work Practices
– Sub group: advocate for music departments
– Negotiating budgets, contracts, good negotiating practices

Coffee & Snack Break

Session # 3 – Theatrical Foley with Fred Newman
Fred Newman is an award-winning sound artist, actor, producer, comedian, and author. Newman is one of the two people behind the sound effects that bring Garrison Keillor’s radio program A Prairie Home Companion to life. He’s been the voice of Harry in the movie Harry and the Hendersons, and also created sounds for other movies, including Who Framed Roger RabbitPractical Magic, and Gremlins, among others. He hosted the All-New Mickey Mouse Club and Nickelodeon’s Livewire, and created music and sounds for the animated series Doug. Younger audiences may know him from his word segments on PBS’s Between the Lions, for which he won three Emmys. Newman also revealed some of his secrets for creating sounds in his book MouthSounds.

Coffee & Snack Break

Sound at the Olympics with Sun Hee Kil

9:30 pm
End of Day


Monday, June 4th     

11 am
Session #4 – Sound Supervisor Panel with Paul Peterson from The Old Globe
This panel aims to shed light on the daily life of the sound supervisor and how that interacts with visiting designers.

  • discussion of their workload
  • preference in paperwork
  • implementation of system design at the regional level

Panelists include:

Ben Emerson, Sound Supervisor, Huntington Theatre
Erin Paige, Sound Director, Milwaukee Repertory Theater
Corrine Livingston, Audio Supervisor, The Public
Tim Thompson, Sound Director, Arena Stage
Amy Wedel, Audio Supervisor, Baltimore Center Stage

12:30 – 1pm
Coffee & Snack Break

Session #5 – Women+ in Theatre Sound
to all women in Theatre Sound – come join us live or virtually!

With Porsche McGovern, Martha Wade Steketee, and Corrine Livingston.
Moderated by: Victoria Deiorio

We will look at the facts regarding the women in our field, outreach and retention of women in sound, and explore how to address harassment.

Our goal is to create a gathering to explore the following questions:

  • How do we support the women of TSDCA?
  • What type of support is needed?
  • How do we organize and connect without alienating men?
  • How do we create a safe space among ourselves when confidentiality is needed?
  • How do we ensure that our male members are advocates for us in the field?

This panel is open to all members, and all genders are invited to participate in the conversation.

2:30pm – 3:30pm
Lunch (theater closed; lobby available)

Session #6 – Musical Theatre Panel with Mel Marvin, Julia Meinwald, & Dan Moses Schreier
Moderated by: Dr. Matthew Suttor

This is a session that will focus on the composer’s role and the historical changes that have occurred when writing a musical. A multi-generational look at the business of composing for musicals, the expectation of composition, arranging for musician, and interfacing with the music direction.


  • What are the shifts that have happened as to scale, size, orchestra, and technology?
  • What’s the future – more automation, less musicians?
  • How does composing for musicals differ or agree with composing for plays?
  • What are the trends regarding orchestra and performance?

Coffee & Snack Break

Session #7 – TSDCA Open Conversation

Dinner Break – (theater closed; lobby available)

Annual Meeting – members only
Co-Chairs Victoria Deiorio & Lindsay Jones

Members not present can join via GoToMeeting

– How to use our Website: KnowledgeBase, Slack
– Committee Updates
– Vote to include Equity Diversity and Inclusion Initiative language

End of day