Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association

On January 10th, 2016, Member of TSDCA participated in the first ever “Super Sound Sunday” by Stage Seminars. The event is designed to be introductory, as a pre-cursor to the professional level training provided by Broadway Sound Master Class.  About 50 attendees ranged in age from high school and college-aged students, their professors and educators, as well as early career and established working professionals.

TSDCA members who presented at Super Sound Sunday included: Charles Coes, Howard Kaufman (Lectrosonics), Sam Kusnetz (Figure 53), Jim van Bergen, and Brad Ward. Additional tech-specific sessions and manufacturers demos were done by: Zac Jac Duax (Autograph A2D), Andy Leviss (now Andy Lang) from Figure 53, Vinnie Macri (Clear-Com), Bob McCarthy (Meyer Sound) and DPA Microphones, who kindly lent us elements for demonstrations and presentations from their demo booth. Elisheba Itoop also presented.

JvB kicked off the sessions with a powerpoint presentation on who and what TSDCA is, sharing the TSDCA mission statement with the attendees. He explained that through TSDCA, we had provided members and professional supporters who are dedicated to help educate the next generation of theatre artists, kindly donating their time and expertise for their benefit.

Thank you to all our presenters, supporters and manufacturers! If you want to present a session or be a part of 2017’s Super Sound Sunday, please contact the education committee.

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