Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association

TSDCA SALON 30 – recorded August 6, 2021

NFT’s – New Music, New Sound Design, New Money, the Blockchain and the Future –
a provocative look at this new dynamic and controversial way to create music, art – and income.

Patrick Grant, composer/sound designer –

Keram Malicki-Sanchez, producer, FIVARS Festival –

Audri Phillips, visual artist –

Cristina Spinei, composer –

Cristina’s async page:

plus an epilogue/conversation with Carly Callahan, producer (SLAVE PLAY) about Broadway and possible future use of NFTs – recorded August 12, 2021

AND – music by Elliot Carter, performed by Conrad Tao

There is much critical writing about NFTs, analyzing the environmental problems especially with the current “proof of work” system as opposed to the “proof of stake” promised for the forthcoming Ethereum 2.0, as discussed in the Salon. More details and information are available. Please see the attached for articles and links about NFT’s including things referred to in the Salon, some things not referred to, and articles referenced in the chat. I hope these are of interest – please feel free to contact me with any more information or additional articles.

Salon 30 – articles and links about NFTs