Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association

You may know Native Instrument’s Kontakt as the leading platform for sampled instrument development, and perhaps wanted to try your hand at making your own sample-based creations?

This series will give you what you need to know to get started.  Whether you’re a sound designer or composer, programming knowledge with Kontakt can bring unique sounds to your workflow.
Join us to begin this journey.

This first look into Kontakt will presume a music knowledge of the Instrument/Program, and start with the basics of building an instrument from scratch. We’ll view concise tutorials that walk through the process of not only building musical instruments from scratch, but also demonstrate how Kontakt can be an extremely valuable sound design tool.

Participants will be linked to a Google drive where they can download all material used in the demonstrations, as well as the tutorials we view for later reference, since there is a good deal detail. Topics will include using the editors within Kontakt (Mapping/Group/Wave/Script), and adding modulators (envelopes/LFOs/Midi Controllers) and a wide array of effect processors. You’ll even learn how to add your own graphic to the face of your newly created instrument to further personalize it.

Each short tutorial will be followed by a Q&A where I will have Kontakt open to demonstrate and answer questions. Before closing, I would like feedback if further sessions would be desirable, and the direction they should take.

Greg Mackender
Prof. Of Sound Design, Univ. of Missouri @ Kansas City

Recorded Aug 17, 2021