Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association

Submitted: Jason Romney Position: Associate Dean of Design & Production
Director of Sound Design
Professor of Sound Design
Date: March 20, 2019


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School Location:

Winston-Salem, NC

Description of your program:

Conservatory program with a specialized and detailed curriculum in sound design.

Describe what makes your program unique:

We are able to go much deeper in the technical training for sound than other programs due to the funding and structure of our university

Current Faculty Names & links to Websites

Jason Romney

Assistant Dean of Design and Production

Director of Sound Design

Professor of Sound Design

David Smith

Professor of Sound Design

Wade Wilson

Associate Professor of Sound Design

Type of degree conferred

MFA Sound Design

Number of years of study


Approximately how many students graduate from the Sound program each year?

Average of 2 grads per year. I know this is about grad programs, but our undergraduate program is comingled with our grad program and we graduate 4-6 each year from the undergrad program. The class sizes I indicated in the survey include undergrads.

Typical Class Size

Six – Nine

Description of the venues and facilities the students have access to in our program:

Six theatres that range from small blackbox to 1400 seat proscenium. Well-stocked sound shop for building systems. Sound lab classroom. Sound editing studio, Sound voiceover recording studio.

Description of the production and design opportunities a typical student can expect:

All students will receive assignments as A2, A1, Assistant Sound Designer, Sound Designer. Occasionally, students will get assignments as a Composer. We do 7 fully-produced plays, 1 musical, 4 dance concerts, 2 operas, 3 jazz band concerts, and a varied number of small or partially supported student-produced plays.

Skills and characteristics looked for when admitting a student to your program:

Looking for hard workers who want a career working in sound for various forms of entertainment. Our curriculum starts at the beginning, so we don’t need any specific existing skills in sound for incoming graduate students.

Skills and characteristics of a successful graduate:

Graduates from our program should be able to work in any role on a sound team. They will be just as comfortable with the technical side of sound as the creative/artistic side of sound.

Where should a prospective student go for further information?

Best would be the website: