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Submitted by: Matt Reynolds Position: Assistant Professor of Lighting, Sound, & Digital Design Date: June 4, 2019

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School Location

Tuscaloosa, AL

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Brief Description of Degrees offered (Sound Design, Composition)

BA, Theatre; BFA, Theatre Design & Technical Production; MFA, Theatre Design & Technical Production

Type of Degree conferred?

  • MFA

Number of years of study, typically?


Approximately how many students graduate from the Sound program each year?

Three a year

Number of Full Time Sound Faculty?


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Number of Sound Support Staff?


Adjunct Faculty or Guest Lecturers


Provide a brief description of your program.

Design and Technical Production at The University of Alabama is a small (about 8 candidates at any time) and intensely production-oriented program that allows students to utilize the entire curriculum to serve their individual needs. Students in this concentration meet regularly with their area of study director for instruction, discussion of theory, design techniques, and analysis/criticism of projects on the mainstage and studio theatres.

Provide a brief description of the venues and facilities the Students have access to in your program.

The Marian Gallaway Theatre is a 305-seat proscenium theatre with reserved seating that hosts four main stage productions each year. The Allen Bales Theatre is a 149-seat thrust-stage facility with reserved seating that hosts four graduate-directed studio productions each year. Morgan Auditorium is a 622-seat proscenium theatre and the oldest theatre on campus. Home to four Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre and Dance Alabama! productions each year, it is located in Morgan Hall, directly across the street from Rowand-Johnson Hall. We are in the process of developing a brand new $120M Performing Arts Academic Center with four performance spaces, shops, classrooms, studios, labs, offices, and lounges.

Provide a brief description of the production and design opportunities a typical student can expect in your program.

Design or serve a leadership role (Audio Engineer, Master Electrician, Tech Director, etc.) a minimum of 6 productions, but likely 12 over three years. Candidates on Assistantship work an average of 20 hours/week over the course of the semester in the Scene Shop working on scenic construction, paints, props, and electrics as necessary. Assistantships pay approximately $1,500 per month for a total of $13,500 for the two semesters in an academic year.

What skills and characteristics do you look for in admitting students to your program?

Eagerness, self-reflection, diverse interests.

What skills and characteristics will a successful graduate from your program possess?

Professional work ethic, exquisite quality design materials, a proficiency in a wide range of programs, tools, and techniques.

Briefly describe what makes your program unique.

We expect candidates to dabble in multiple areas, experiment, and try new things in order to develop your toolbox. We customize your production and course experiences to your career goals. We’ll make sure you’ve got the important bits down, but at the end of the day we’re here to help you get the job you want.

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