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Submitted: Michael Lincoln Position: Director, School of Theater Date: January 22, 2019

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School Location:

Athens, Ohio

Description of your program:

Ours is a broad program which incorporates classes in the Schools of Music and Film and Media Arts in addition to traditional theatrical training.

Current Faculty Names & links to Websites

Michael Lincoln

Type of degree conferred

MFA Production Design with specialization in Sound Design

Number of years of study


How many students typically graduate from the sound program? 

One to two

Typical Class Size


Description of the venues and facilities the students have access to in our program:

Two main stage theaters – 1 proscenium, 1 deep thrust, 3 black box studio spaces of various sizes and configurations. The Schools of Film, Music, and Dance have separate facilities which may be accessed in collaborative projects.

Description of the production and design opportunities a typical student can expect:

10-12 productions a year, including 4 main stage, 2 of which are produced in tandem with our professional theater, Tantrum Theater, which brings in professional guest artists in all areas to work alongside our students. Each season ends with a graduate Playwrights’ Festival, producing 3 full length plays in rep. Smaller productions in various sizes and venues. New musical theater B.F.A. launching fall 2019. Musical Theater workshop produced in conjunction with Musical Theater Factory of New York City.

Skills and characteristics looked for when admitting a student to your program:

The Ohio University School of Theater Sound Design Program is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive, and representative community through artistic innovation.  We seek open-minded and passionate individuals who are looking to refine their artistic voice, technological background, and individual skill sets through collaborative design projects and individualized research.  Students with interests in contemporary audio/music technology and software development, composition, collaborative processes, and interdisciplinary approaches to sound for theater, musical theater, dance, film, and immersive experiences are encouraged to apply. (The School of Theater is closely aligned to the School of Film, Music, and Dance in the College of Fine Arts.) 1 to 2 years professional experience in the performing arts is encouraged but not required.

Skills and characteristics of a successful graduate:

The successful graduate will have a well-defined artistic voice as demonstrated through a professional portfolio and well-documented research in audio technology.  Designers will share their individual achievements with audiences through productions which maximize the effect of source material and creative concepts.  Graduates will be able to skillfully work in a variety of settings relevant to their chosen career path, and possess the ability to incorporate new ideas, areas of interest, and technologies as their career matures. Graduates will contribute to a healthy work environment using clear communication strategies and a broad, in-depth knowledge base in the field of professional audio.

Where should a prospective student go for further information?


Telephone: 740 593-4818

M.F.A. in Production Design catalog information:

Contact Faculty Info:

Sound Design Program Head, Steven Leffue,