We want to know more about you! In fact…we need to hear from all of you to really understand the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion issues facing our community.  We are hoping for as close to 100% participation as possible – everyone’s stories and experiences are important to this study.

A group of TSDCA members has gathered several times since the fall of 2017 to determine how we can best address these topics. The discussions have been fruitful and interesting – and we have all benefited from talking thru these thorny and provocative issues. This survey hopes to accomplish several things: gather information about you, hear about your individual experiences, and bring us all together as we wrestle with putting into words what is happening across the country – and what has happened for generations.

We are interested in a variety of topics – work practices, the roots of wage disparity, etc. – but this particular survey is focusing on self identification and our community’s experiences in the workplace.

After a few demographic questions and some short answer questions there are some longer format questions. You can answer one or all. The results will guide our discussions at our annual meeting in NYC, June 2-4th…although you don’t have to attend to fill out the survey. Your answers can be anonymous.

We would appreciate you completing the survey by Tuesday, May 29th.

We know it takes time to answer these questions, and we are truly grateful for your participation.

If the survey does not allow you enough room to answer the questions….or if you would prefer to answer them via an uploaded document, there is an option for this at the bottom of the form.

EDI Survey