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Writing For Strings: A Four Day Workshop For Composers

July 29, 2019 9:00am
St Peters Church

4 days

Michael Patterson, a Grammy and Emmy Award winning composer, arranger, orchestrator and educator, assisted by Ike Sturm, Sara Caswell and a world class string quartet, presents an intensive four-day workshop which focuses on scoring for string quartet, string quintet and string orchestra. This intensive workshop focuses exclusively on writing for large and small string ensembles. It features demos by string quartet and two separate solo instrument demos. Each session will consist of score analysis, demos and in-depth discussions focusing on the techniques and approaches that produce effective string orchestrations for film, jazz and concert compositions.

Day 1 (July 29) Techniques and Materials. Demo #1 with String quintet; jazz, film and classical excerpts. Presentation of workbook. Arranging for String Quartet, quintet. Project assignment and guidelines for score/part preparation for recording session. Analysis of various string quartet/ quintet score excerpts.

Day 2 (July 30) Arranging/ Orchestration for the large string orchestra. Standards, pop songs and concert works. Various string orchestra configurations. Violin, live demo of basic string bowings, double stops, open strings, vibrato, legato, nonlegato, staccato, accents, effects of color, pizzicato, harmonics, artificial harmonics, trills, tremolo, mutes, scordatura and additional techniques. Analysis of various string quartet and string orchestra scores.

Day 3 (August 1) Notes on conducting, collaborating with string quartet and string orchestra. Repertoire Demo #2 with Cello or Bass. Discussion of practical techniques, and idiomatic writing. Score review of participants arrangements/compositions. Analysis of various string quartet and string orchestra scores. Part and score preparation for recording session follow up.

Day 4 (August 2) Recording session with professional String Quintet

Participants Fee: $1000.00 – Includes 4 sessions with lectures, and string demos including a recording session of 20+ minutes for each participant with string quartet or quintet. An online ebook and hardcopy of scores workbook will be provided. Early enrollment by April 29, $850.00-May 29 $950.00 Enrollment: Limited to 12 participants