Jun 03

TSDCA 2018 Annual Meeting – Day 1

June 3, 2018 10:30am
Baryshnikov Arts Center

Welcome Reception (with snacks)

Introduction to TSDCA

Session #1 – Collaboration in the Theater
Panel Guests: David Cromer and Fitz Patton

Coffee & Snack Break

Session #2 – Equity-Diversity-Inclusion

2:30pm – 3:30pm
Lunch Break

Standard Practice Lunch Discussion with Rob Milburn, Daniel Kluger, and David Budries.

– Relationships with Producers
– Open ended conversation about Work Practices
– Sub group: advocate for music departments
– Negotiating budgets, contracts, good negotiating practices

Coffee & Snack Break

Session # 3 – Theatrical Foley with Fred Newman
Fred Newman is an award-winning sound artist, actor, producer, comedian, and author. Newman is one of the two people behind the sound effects that bring Garrison Keillor’s radio program A Prairie Home Companion to life. He’s been the voice of Harry in the movie Harry and the Hendersons, and also created sounds for other movies, including Who Framed Roger RabbitPractical Magic, and Gremlins, among others. He hosted the All-New Mickey Mouse Club and Nickelodeon’s Livewire, and created music and sounds for the animated series Doug. Younger audiences may know him from his word segments on PBS’s Between the Lions, for which he won three Emmys. Newman also revealed some of his secrets for creating sounds in his book MouthSounds.

Coffee & Snack Break

Sound at the Olympics with Sun Hee Kil

9:30 pm
End of Day

Baryshnikov Arts Center

450 W 37th St #501, New York, NY 10018

450 West 37th Street between Ninth and Tenth Avenues in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City.