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The Art of Music Preparation, Part 4

July 25, 2020 3:00pm

The Art of Music Preparation

“Making it Happen Behind The Scenes”

Featuring: Caryn Rasmussen, Liz Finch, Ross DeRoche

Ron Goldstein Moderator

Saturday, July 25th

LA 12 PM, NY 3 PM, UK 8 PM, FR 9 PM, RU 10 PM, CN 3 AM (+ 1 Day), AU 5 AM (+1 Day)

  • The Art and History
  • Extractor vs. Copyist
  • “Pipeline” from composer to player
  • Sessions, Concerts and Touring Shows
  • Socially Distanced Sessions
  • Notation Software
  • Optimal Orchestration

Industry veterans Caryn Rasmussen, Liz Finch, Ross DeRoche and moderator Ron Goldstein discuss the best practices for creating clean scores and instrumental parts to ensure the best possible performance from musicians. Find out how the art of music preparation has evolved over the years with the transition from hand to computer copying. Good music preparation starts with good orchestration; Various practices for different venues such as sessions, concerts, and touring shows; Today’s challenges with socially distanced sessions; Comparison of various notation software.