Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association

No More 10 Out Of 12s – Why It’s Time For Change


For over 80 years, 10-out-of-12 technical rehearsals and six-day workweeks have been seen by theatre workers as mandatory in their schedules. In trying to uphold the spirit of “The show must go on,” theatre practitioners in both professional and academic settings have repeatedly pushed themselves far beyond their physical and mental limits, jeopardizing both their health and their future.

In 2021, a new working partnership has been created by a group of designers, stage managers, actors, production managers, health/safety professionals, and other theatre artists to finally address and demand change in theatre workers’ schedules. This initial session will lay out the reasons why these changes must be made as well as begin to chart a new path for how theatre can operate in the future.

Moderated by scenic designer Regina Garcia, this panel will include Lindsay Jones (co-chair, Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association), Rachel Spencer Hewitt (founder, Parent Artist Advocacy League), and stage manager Lisa Dawn Cave.

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