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Immersive Sound – Technological Overview + Current branded Solutions

June 17, 2020 3:30pm

30 minutes

Object-based immersive software gives the option to scale the number of loudspeakers based on budget, target SPL, size of venue, envelopment and spatial resolution. Some live-sound systems use dedicated DSPs, while others use immersive software running on high-power personal computers (some also have mixer integration).

With a broad ecosystem of available solutions, it is still early to tell whether one of the branded immersive system solutions will become a truly dominant industry standard or if DIY will remain a viable solution for content designers going forward.


David Kennedy, Sound Design Consultant & Author – David Kennedy Assoc. HD Sound


Terence Caulkins

Terence Caulkins, Associate | Acoustics, Audio Visual, Experience Design – Arup