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Free Workshop with Sonarworks: How to Tune Your Room

January 29, 2019 8:30pm
IO Music Academy - Music Production School

2 hours

IO Music Academy and Sonarworks invite you to a special workshop focused on getting the most out of your monitoring environment. Be it a humble home setup, a full-on studio, or the earbuds that came with your phone, Sonarworks has developed specialized software to remove the undesirable characteristics of almost any listening environment. On January 29th, Gints and Lee from Sonarworks will show us how to get the most out of any listening situation — and help us get better, more accurate mixes in the process. If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to translate the mix of your tracks outside your room (or headphones) into the real world, this workshop is a must.

Topics covered:
Intro to room acoustics
Picking the right room
Setting up your monitors
Tuning your room with Sonarworks
The future of monitoring technology

IO Music Academy - Music Production School

1550 North Gower Street

Los Angeles, CA 90028