Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association

Early Career Meetup and Mentorship Round Robin

This is an opportunity for Early Career members to get to know potential mentors throughout multiple regions and experiences, hosted by Megan “Deets” Culley, Nina Field, and Kevin McCoy!

This year we’re going to try a different platform. is a bit of a cross between a Zoom call and a video game.  It runs in your browser, no extra software required, and it’s best experienced on a full computer, not a tablet or mobile device.  Come try it out with us! You will be emailed a specific link ahead of the session.

This is a TSDCA members only event.

Note: Please try to join us using a computer with a browser, as Gather’s mobile and tablet apps are still in beta and are missing some features. Using Gather is like a cross between a video game and a Zoom call.  Once you select an avatar and set up your camera/microphone settings in the browser you’ll be shown a brief tutorial and then you’ll be in our space!  Move around using the arrow keys (or WASD if you prefer that half of the keyboard) and as you get closer to other people, their video and audio will fade in for you.  When you go onto one of the areas marked on the floor you’ll join a “private space” with the people in that same marked out area.  That can be a small table setup for a couple of people to chat, one of the medium sized lounges on the right side of the map, or the large public lounge on the left side.  If you need technical help, go to the green “help area” in the lower left and someone will come help you.  When you’re video chatting with folks, there’s a button in the upper right (which looks like two arrows pointing away from each other) that will enlarge the videos on your screen.  An option that will improve your video quality is found in the settings (the gear icon) under the user tab, “Use HD Video Quality” — we suggest turning this on to start and disabling it if you’re experiencing lag or interruptions.  If you want more information about how to move around the Gather map, check out their Gather 101 page: <>.

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