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Coding for Musicians #1: Intro to Programming (with Cynthia Meng)

June 4, 2020 1:00pm

1 hour

Broadway music director and software engineer Cynthia Meng will lead a workshop on coding for musicians.

“A lot of the programs we use as musicians (Finale, Sibelius, MainStage, Ableton, and Squarespace just to name a few) allow for a user to write custom plug-ins, or scripts. Using scripts can save you time and effort in your workflow, allow you to better customize your website, or automate menial tasks. To read or write these scripts, you need to understand some basic concepts of programming — AKA “coding.”

The Coding for Musicians classes will help you take a look inside the “black box” of what happens when you use scripts and plug-ins, and will also teach you some basics of programming. We’ll take a focus on one particular use case of scripting (in this case, writing Finale plug-ins), and we’ll write a few useful ones together as well as examine how some of the more complex ones work.

Part 1 will focus on getting some basic programming concepts down and introducing scripting in Finale. Part 2 will take a deeper dive into Finale plug-ins, as well as show some other interesting use cases for coding in the musician’s world. ” — Cynthia Meng

Maestra Presents our Virtual Technical Workshop Series

One topic, one hour: every Tuesday and Thursday.

Open to all genders, all skill-sets, all levels of expertise. Come be part of a community of virtual learners hoping to pick up a skill or two over the lunch hour.

We will be recording all of the classes in this series, so by signing up to participate you are giving your consent to be part of the video archive, which could be re-broadcast or used for Maestra’s marketing in the future.

Maestra Music, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, EIN 83-3439518, incorporated Jan 29, 2019. This class is being offered with no fee, but we are offering a salary to the instructor, so a donation is encouraged if you are able to contribute. ($10-15 recommended.) Tax-deductible donations can also be made at www.MaestraMusic.org.

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