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ASD Trade Secrets: Back Stage Tours


90 minutes

ASD Trade Secrets: Back Stage Tours

Virtual Edition!

Join us for this amazing opportunity to experience the second day of prep for a major musical.

Very few of us will have experienced what it takes to get a major West End musical prepared for the venue. In this exclusive sneak peek, we’re being taken into the Autograph warehouse and getting the opportunity to chat with Rob Bettle and Sam Clarkson as they discuss what it takes to not only corral all the equipment, but choose a team and ensure the smooth running of the show, whatever it’s size.

Not a member, but would like to come to this session? Don’t worry! Winter School is open to Association Members, Educators, Young Future Professionals and Students, email us letting us know which category you fit into and we’ll let you know the booking code.

Rob Bettle & Sam Clarkson form Sound Quiet Time and are sound designers, engineers and operators, each having accumulated over 20 years of International touring and West End experience.

They love their jobs and our unique industry and are redefining the way they create shows by making each step a more sociable, collaborative experience.

By acknowledging the importance of good, timely planning and communication across all departments, they dedicate as much time to the “quiet” moments as they do to the sound.

Rob and Sam believe that these sound quiet times are a key ingredient in helping them realise their goals and create the perfect design, system and sound for any project.

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