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Alternative Approaches to Contemporary Composition

August 1, 2020 3:00pm

3 hours

Alternative Approaches to
Contemporary Composition 

All Twelve – 
Diatonic Composition With 12-Tone Sources


Jerry Gates 


Dan Ferguson

Saturday, August 1, 2020

LA 12 PM   NY 3 PM   UK 8 PM

Topics Include…

• Creating your own personal row

• Diatonic restrictions from the row (keys and scales)

• Using permutations (variations) from the same initial source

• Reharmonizing a song using a row

Jerry will present techniques pioneered by the late film composer/orchestrator Jack Smalley and his mentor, composer George Tremblay. These techniques will give the seasoned professional and the budding amateur alike more tools to explore and create source material – something that doesn’t always flow as easily as we would like! Everything discussed will be derived from dodecaphonic or 12-Tone sources, otherwise known as “rows.”

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Jerry Gates   

Composer, producer, educator, orchestrator and arranger Jerry Gates has been a music industry professional for over thirty-five years. Working globally, Jerry’s most recently completed projects include symphonic treatments and arranging original music for the jazz quartet Poetic Jazz, based in Switzerland and Germany. He has also composed string arrangements for noted artist from Madrid, Spain Jorge Perez and his band, Patax. Jerry has produced, orchestrated and conducted string sessions for noted Egyptian producer/Arab Idol judge Hassan El Shaffei. He has also produced, composed and arranged music for Nestlé’s “Wonk Your Room” online promotion and’s “Loss For Lyrics” online Web promotion. Finally, Jerry composed the score for a documentary retrospective of Florida’s poet laureate, the late Edmund Skellings titled, “Ed Skellings – In His Own Words.”

His television and radio credits include Bank of America, Log Cabin maple syrup, Scope mouthwash, Marlboro cigarettes, and music preparation for “The Dennis Miller Show,” jazz great Bill Holman, and film composers Jack Smalley and Richard Band.

At Berklee College of Music he teaches in the Contemporary Writing and Production Department. He is is one of four directors for the large ensemble recording orchestra at Berklee College of Music, and at the rank of Professor, teaches Contemporary Arranging techniques, Directed Studies in Arranging, Contemporary Twelve-Tone Composition, Orchestration, Writing and Production in the Recording Studio and Music Preparation courses at Berklee College of Music.

Jerry has authored “Arranging For Horns,” published by Berklee Press and Hal Leonard Publishing and also authored three of Berklee Online’s arranging courses.

Dan Ferguson   

Dan Ferguson is a third generation composer, arranger and instrumentalist. Dan has worked in concerts, records, film and television as a guitarist, composer, and arranger-orchestrator since 1968.